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Welcome to Monitor Sweden

Monitor Sweden has been around since 1997 and is the leading trade magazine for professionals within Broadcast, Film, Audio and Lights i Scandinavia. Monitor is also published in Denmark and Norway as independent sister magazines and we cooperate to a large extent. Some articles are published in all three editions while other articles only appear locally.

There is no other magazine that compete with us in Scandinavia and we are happy to say we reach almost the entire professional community of professionals in our countries, which amount to many thousands of individuals in the trade. The printed magazine is sold via subscriptions and the e-newsletter is distributed for free to those who sign up. 

Monitor Sweden has a traditional editorial concept that starts with today's technology but with one eye towards the future and the technical advances to come. One example of this is broadcast, which today is so much more than just the traditional TV-productions. It's also about distributing the content straight out to new types of portable receivers, such as smartphones and laptops with broad band connection. The possibilities are growing larger with the media convergence.

Target groups

Monitor Sweden target readers who are professionals in broadcast and film production, but also a wider group of people active in all types of AV-businesses such as the conference and event market and installation of sound and image. Advertising agencies that produce their own material and companies within the streaming industry are also segments of Monitor's target group. The target group contains businesses, institutions and individuals in both the private and public sector. Monitor has sister publications in Denmark and Norway that go under the same name.

Reader's profile

Monitor Sweden is read by active users and executives who wish to stay updated before making investments in AV-equipment, both software and hardware. Monitor Sweden works closely together with its sister publications in Denmark in Norway to provide the readers with the best and most relevant information through reviews, articles and news. The publications cover events in 3D-production, sound, light and image. Monitor's writers are active users of the equipment in the area they write about and have a long background in their respective fields.


Distributed directly to companies in the trade:

Producers, technicians and head of purchase at production companies, TV stations, film studios, satellite TV companies, radio stations (including local radio) sound production studios. Also PA and sound installers, consulting and service businesses in lighting, sound and image as well as hardware and software suppliers.

Public spaces:

Arenas, theaters, scenes, event and concert organizers as well as AV and conference organizers at hotels and conference retreats.

Public institutions:

Head of AV and IT at educational facilities and government buildings.

Schools and Universities:

Every trade school on college and university level as well as adult education associations with media, culture and information profiles.

Newsletter in English

Sign up for our English e-newsletter by writing an email to requesting the newsletter in English. In the newsletter you get links to all articles in pdf that you can read, download and save if you like. Welcome! 

Advertize in Monitor

Much of the content is available for free and our proceeds come from advertisements in our magazine, newsletter, website and our web-TV channel. We welcome advertisors to contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

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